Every day thousands of people quit. Some people quit jobs, others quit relationships but the real sad one is when people quit their dreams.

If there’s anything I’ve learned since taking the plunge into entrepreneurship it’s that it will take every last bit that you have. It will take all of your money. It will take all of your time, your patience, your hope. And after you’ve given all that you have it will make you wait.

(Currently the stage that I’m in right now lol)

It will test you. Because being an entrepreneur isn’t something that’s easy. It’s something that’s rewarding. Getting started, that’s only the preparation for the journey ahead. A boot camp.

If you’ve decided to join this elite group of individuals who cash in everything they have and risk it all for the chance to be the captains of their destiny–push on!

The journey isn’t easy because we have to be tough; and easy trails don’t make tough pioneers.

Everyone who’s ever accomplished anything great risked it all. Some lost everything before they were rewarded with everything.

Don’t quit! Don’t quit!

The next time you see a successful entrepreneur in their nice suit, enjoying a rewarding life, remember–that person has been tested more than the average man will ever consider and has come out victorious.

Cheers to all the entrepreneurs who refuse to quit. Love all you stubborn people!

Positive vibes for positive minds

Author: Alfred

Sometimes a student, sometimes a teacher always an observer--of life. I am just a man on a mission to make a difference in someone's life like a difference was made in mine. Paying it forward. positive vibes for positive minds. I post weekly. 😃

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