Before you quit: ch. 1

Not really sure how to start with this? So I’ve decided that the best way to make progress is just to start. The words will start to fall into place. These are after all only my thoughts. Said lightly as if thought isn’t everything 🙄.

So “before you quit” seemed appropriate. Many times I’ve wanted to quit. I never quit my mission though. That was tough. What I did quit unfortunately was on myself. You see most people who know me well know me as the guy who is always positive and brave. I’m the guy who’s never down or afraid. That hasn’t always been true though.

Today I’m myself again. Brave (not un-afraid. We’ll get to that soon), happy, peaceful, motivated and smiling while facing challenges head on.

It’s all a process though. A tough one. It takes strength. I think that’s a good word for it? Emotional strength primarily. Even for me who prides himself in being in control of his emotions it was tough. I had to coach myself through it. It’s all a beautiful chaos. Much easier to do the normal thing and avoid the things that cause pain. What fun is that though? What fun is it waking up everyday to an average life that doesn’t satisfy my dreams? I either change my dreams or change my life; right?

I had $24 in my bank account seven days ago. The crazy part is that that was a step up from the previous week! I was sliding around .64 cents to .94 😂. We won’t even get into the weeks before that with the little minus sign in front of the numbers.

Today the company I started with my buddy grossed four thousand dollars. $3,975 to be exact. Now the only reason I say that is for perspective. Granted most of that money is going right back into the business, but that’s more than I made last month. Hell, the past two months combined!

This isn’t the beginning though. Let’s go back three years. Now this is my first time ever publicly sharing this story but for many reasons–it’s time.

April 23, 2016. There I am 27 years old dressed in some very beat up, torn and mildewy smelling whites (or browns in this case cause they were so old.) (whites is a term used to describe a prison uniform in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We’ll open that can later.)

So there I am in my dirty uniform in a cell so small I can’t stretch my arms out completely without touching both walls. The bunk has a plastic mat that smells like an old dogs bed, and everything is filthy. Sounds terrible I know. You would think I was miserable–but I wasn’t. I was as happy as I had been in five and a half years. In fact I hadn’t slept I was so happy. And I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. The kind a fat kid has in a candy store 😏.

Why was I so happy? You guessed it: I was getting out! Finally after five and a half years my ticket was pulled and it was time for ol’ Fredo to go back to the world. (World as in be free.) After everything I had been through nothing mattered. All that mattered was that Monday (it was Friday) I would be a free man again. Well mostly free…

Positive vibes for positive minds.


Who are we? What are we?

Are humans another animal in the animal kingdom? Are we all one race or a collection of many? It may not seem like there are many questions about who or what we are, and that’s only because we don’t really ask.

I saw the question “are we all one race?” a few days ago on my Instagram and it got the gears turning. (by the way if you chose to follow my IG is @brainmasters2018) I think that we’re all one race. Amongst the human race there are different kinds of humans but not different races. Some may argue. To argue that we’re different amongst each other as a “race” would indicate that one person either is or is not a “human”.

As far as who we are? That’s another good question. I think who we are is a collective mind unaware of each other. We see each other, we live with each other but we are not entirely aware of each other. This all comes from the belief that thought is energy and if we all operated on the same frequency we would be in tune with one another (aware).

Who and what do you think we are?

love y’all

positive vibes for positive minds

What’s impossible?

Do you believe in the impossible?

It’s easy to think that there are things that are impossible in life. Then again it’s easy to prove that’s not true.

I’ve been given the privilege of teaching a leadership and character building class for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. One of the things I asked them today was if they believed in the impossible. Most don’t.

As adults we seem to lose touch with that “no limits all is possible mentality.” Here’s an example I gave the kids today about dreaming big and doing the impossible.

For the most part everyone (especially adults and young adults) use a cell phone for the majority of the day. What’s interesting is that around 50 or 60 years ago (don’t quote me on the time frame) the man who introduced the idea of long distance communication by radio frequency was considered crazy by his friends. They actually wanted to send him to a mental institution. After the idea came to be everyone praised his genius.

That man challenged the impossible though and changed the world. If he would have let his friends set his own limitations how would life be different today?

I don’t really think that there is such a thing as impossible. Honestly, I think that impossible is just an invitation for the great minds of this world to challenge just how much we can accomplish if we refuse to quit. How much we can accomplish if we refuse to let others set limitations for us.

Remember this: Small minds will always be intimidated by the ideas of great ones.

love you all

positive vibes for positive minds.

Minimize the bullshit

How much of what you entertain daily is actually helping you toward your goal?

I’m not a big fan of the news. Mainly because there’s nothing on the news that’s actually contributing in a positive way to my every day.

Honestly. Knowing what’s going on in the Middle East, or what the president tweeted isn’t going to help me make money today. Definitely not going to help me find peace.

So how come so many people entertain the news?

The news isn’t the only thing I avoid. I also don’t fancy talking about people much. Unless it’s talking about ideas and strategy that person has that can help me be more successful.

To be successful we need to minimize the amount of bullshit we entertain daily and optimize the practical information we absorb.

Just my opinion. Disagree? Comment your opinion below.

Love y’all.

Positive vibes for positive minds.

Magic words…

What do you say about yourself? What kinds of things do you repeat to yourself daily?

How many times do we go through the day saying things like “I could never do that”, or “ugh, I was so stupid”? The words we speak are energy and they create our life. If we tell ourselves that something is beyond us, then we program our minds to live that out. It may sound a little crazy but I promise magic isn’t all about wands and funny hats.

Words have the ability to create and that in itself is magical. Positive affirmations. We can program our mind to believe anything. It’s a matter of repetition. If we constantly tell ourselves that we are great and we will succeed, our mind can’t tell that it isn’t true so it starts to live that out.

Practice this in the mirror: look yourself in the eyes and say “I love you, you’re amazing”. Do this for as long as it takes for you to believe it. Notice how great you feel afterward. We have to be our own biggest cheerleaders. Speak life into yourself and grow. Watch how the magic of these words amps up your life. Seriously, when’s the last time you told yourself you were amazing?

Treat yourself the way you would like others to treat you. Set the standard.

love you all,

positive vibes for positive minds.

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Every day thousands of people quit. Some people quit jobs, others quit relationships but the real sad one is when people quit their dreams.

If there’s anything I’ve learned since taking the plunge into entrepreneurship it’s that it will take every last bit that you have. It will take all of your money. It will take all of your time, your patience, your hope. And after you’ve given all that you have it will make you wait.

(Currently the stage that I’m in right now lol)

It will test you. Because being an entrepreneur isn’t something that’s easy. It’s something that’s rewarding. Getting started, that’s only the preparation for the journey ahead. A boot camp.

If you’ve decided to join this elite group of individuals who cash in everything they have and risk it all for the chance to be the captains of their destiny–push on!

The journey isn’t easy because we have to be tough; and easy trails don’t make tough pioneers.

Everyone who’s ever accomplished anything great risked it all. Some lost everything before they were rewarded with everything.

Don’t quit! Don’t quit!

The next time you see a successful entrepreneur in their nice suit, enjoying a rewarding life, remember–that person has been tested more than the average man will ever consider and has come out victorious.

Cheers to all the entrepreneurs who refuse to quit. Love all you stubborn people!

Positive vibes for positive minds

Growth is not an accident

How many of us want better? Anything. A better life in general. A better career. A better relationship. A better looking bank account?

Almost everybody we know wants something better. How many actually have a plan to make better happen?

I think most of us have grown with the misconception that growth just happens. That if we go to school, and get a job and work hard we will by default move up and up in life.

Now how many people do we know that have done this and are still in the same place ten years later?

One great thing I heard was: ” if you’re still talking about what you did five years ago you haven’t grown.”

The main take away here is that most people want to change their circumstances but are unwilling to change themselves.

If we want a better life we have to work diligently on at least one thing everyday and make it better. Be it how we treat others, how we eat, how we spend etc…

We must live on purpose!

Do you have a personal growth plan? Comment below.

Love y’all

Positive vibes for positive minds