Live on fire!

It all comes back to liking yourself. Your “self”. The inner you. I know so many of us preach that money isn’t happiness. That’s definitely not what I’m preaching! I love money! I think money is an amazing tool and more good people need to be rich!

I think what the quote is getting at is that if it doesn’t set your soul on fire it’s an empty deed and we cant get full off of empty deeds. No matter how many of them you do.

Maybe for you it’s not about money? Maybe for you it’s not about a career or settling down and having a family.

Society will say something about a persons chosen lifestyle regardless. Interesting to note though: society isn’t looking so hot itself, and like in every other aspect of life: we shouldn’t take advice from people who don’t have what we want.

In other words: let society talk. Let others judge. You make the choices that make YOU happy, because at the end of the day no matter what, no matter where, no matter who–you have to live with yourself.

Your tribe will always find you. Even people who like ketchup on their eggs have a group (wink)

P.S. I like ketchup on my eggs! and pineapple on my pizza!!

Positive vibes for positive minds!

The conflict of belonging

“there is no right and wrong, just true and false.”

Conflict comes from forcing oneself into something that isn’t compatible with our true self. Forcing ourselves into societal accepted norms. Into a religion etc… Don’t look for a group to belong to and then adjust to what that group wants you to be. Find who you are and then the right group that is compatible with your true self will find you. There is no right or wrong just true and false.

The worst part about joining a group that isn’t compatible with your true self, is that you end up jeopardizing the integrity of the group. E.g. a person who decides to be a Christian who knows they still plan to do unchristian like things, only ends up portraying a bad image of the group.

If you know you’re not cut out for something, don’t force it. Your tribe will come. It’ll be natural. You won’t have to adjust to the group because the people in the group will be just–like–you.

Don’t be pressured into groups and moral standards by the masses. Be true to the most important person in your life. YOU.

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself”. –Shannon L. Alder

Positive vibes for positive minds.

Love you all.